About Us

GLE is an integrated value chain company that focuses on the creation of sustainable assets through plantations of Pongamia for biodiesel as well as horticulture plantation. Founded in 2009, GLE started with a vision to mitigate labour migration out of Bihar, which is a result of poverty and unproductive wastelands.

As the company that pioneers utilization of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) for plantation, GLE has now expanded its operations to eight districts in Bihar and is showcased as one of the best sustainable model projects by the Rural Development Department, Government of Bihar.

With our extensive network at both the district and block levels, GLE facilitates the organization of farmers, conducts awareness programmes, as well as provides technical and material support to farmers for planting and maintenance. Besides raising our own nurseries and providing both government and farmers with quality saplings, GLE also provides training and encourages farmers to raise their own nurseries.

GLE is lead by people who believe in advancing the triple bottom lines of economic development, environmental protection and social equality in all parts of our value chain. Starting with plantation of Pongamia for biodiesel, we have now diversified into horticulture and timber plantations.

With our team of dynamic and dedicated experts in rural development and agro-forestry and support from government as well as international organizations, we aim to implement our model across different states in India.

Please contact us to know how we can help your organization in tapping on available resources for plantation and agro-forestry ventures.